X-Analyser 3.10 Release and Discontinuation of X-Analyser 2.

Since the enhancement and release of the new version of X-Analyser (Version 3) last year, Warwick Control has gathered extensive feedback from customers and collaborators to ascertain what more the X-Analyser could do to become the leader in CAN analysis and testing.

The first release of X-Analyser 3 showcased many obvious enhancements such as:

• Flexible multiple windows displays
• Send and Receive CAN/LIN data in a much more efficient manner
• Interpret data and engineering signals (e.g. Motor torque, engine speed etc.)
• Mode dependent Signals/CANdb support
• Graph and Gauges display from Signals
• Compatible with industry standard CAN databases
• Supports Local Interconnect Network (LIN)
• PC Interfaces (PCI, USB, Ethernet, WiFi)
• Unlimited CAN/LIN channels
• Multiple vendor CAN/LIN interfaces
• ISO 15765/UDS transmitters – giving OBD Tool functions.
• Versatile multiple configuration projects with virtual unlimited displays

We have recently released the 3.10 version of X-Analyser 3. New additions include:

• Interactive Generator for CANdb and J1939 signal oriented transmission.
• Interactive Signal editing – Change signal parameters on the fly for reverse engineering.
• J1939 CAN identifier interpretation.
• Virtual CAN drivers for offline playback and simulation without a CAN interface.
• Peak Systems CAN interface support
• Save Log to give option to save raw data as Vector ASC
• Signals view to the raw data trace messages – view Raw CAN data alongside the Signals info in the same display.
• Real time playback – ability to pick where in the log you want to start from.
• C# Scripting – versatile simulation project building.

The roadmap for the X-Analyser product range includes the complete phasing out of X-Analyser 2 by the end of 2015 at which point, X-Analyser 3 will have CANopen support.

Warwick Control is offering a 14 day trial of X-Analyser 3 for customers with a CAN interface (Kvaser, Softing or Vector). This is a fully functional temporary licence that will allow you to try out the versatile features of X-Analyser 3.

We also offer a Demo that will work without an interface that shows all features using a Virtual CAN bus. We supply you with a configuration that allows you to play back a car journey, and see all the great features of X-Analyser during the playback.

For more information, and to request an Evaluation or Demo, Please apply here.