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Warwick Control offer a variety of products for the Automotive and Automation Industries. Products include:

Network Analysis

After many years of development, we provide X-Analyser for analysing and simulating control networks such as CAN (DeviceNet, CANopen, TTCAN, J1939) and LIN.

For FlexRay analysis, we distribute the Eberspächer Caromee analyzer.

Hardware Products

Warwick Control supply CAN and LIN interfaces through distribution agreements with Kvaser AB of Sweden.

We distribute FlexRay products for Eberspächer Electronics of Germany.

Warwick also provides CANopen devices for TKE of Finland

Software Products

Network Design and Cofiguration Tools

We have a variety of design tools for CAN, LIN, CANopen, and FlexRay. These allow you to determine the architecture and schedules for your network before committing to the design. The design specification can be used to automatically generate the code from one of our software stack products.

Software Stacks

We have a variety of C language software stacks for CAN, SAE J1939, TTCAN, LIN, FlexRay, and CANopen. These pre-made, pre-tested, code bases speed up development time and significantly reduce the costs required to implement a system using these protocols.

Starter Kits

Starter kits for evaluating these stacks and developing system prototypes are also available. These have C code examples that work out of the box and can be altered for your needs.

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