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FlexRay Interfaces – Eberspächer

Through its collaboration with FlexRay company Eberspächer (formally TZM) of Germany, Warwick Control provide a complete FlexRay suite of tools for companies who wish to develop their own FlexRay capable devices. The tool suite is used to develop and configure a C software stack quickly and efficiency, therefore saving a significant amount of time and money.

Eberspächer offer a wide range of FlexRay Products, from hardware platforms to configuration tools. They an excellent range of kits that allow a developer to get a FlexRay network quickly up and running. Below are listed the hardware platforms. To see FlexRay Tools and FlexRay Starter Kits, please click on these links.

Hardware Platforms include:

FlexCard USB – USB FlexRay interface . Also has several CAN interfaces.

FlexCard Cyclone II SE – PCMCIA FlexRay interface that supports various operating systems

FlexCard PMC II - bus interface device for automotive bus systems in PMC design. 4 FlexRay channels.

FlexDevel – FlexRay PowerPC based development platform that contains CAN, LIN, RS232 and SPI interfaces along with digital and analogue I/O.

FlexXCon Midget – Freescale PowerPC based enclosed unit that is a platform to be used for easily building up gateway and/or ECU functionality to adapt existing control units or sensors to another network. Has many network interfaces and I/O.

FlexOpto FD – Optical decoupling device that supports FlexRay bus signals in a small housing. Ideal for EMC testing purposes.

FlexAS – Active star coupler for a FlexRay bus system. 8 FlexRay bus connections.

Operating System Drivers include:

Linux Driver – Developed under Linux version 2.6, the current driver support the full range of features provided for the FlexCard.

Xenomai Driver – Developed under Linux version 2.6, the current Xenomai driver support the full range of features provided for the FlexCard in realtime.

VxWorks Driver – Enables access to the complete functional range of the FlexCard PMC/PCI on VxWorks 5.4 operating system for Intel processors.

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