Engineering Services

Engineering Services
As well as our product portfolio, Warwick Control can help you solve CAN/ CAN FD / LIN problems
via our engineering services.
We can help you with:
  • CAN /SAE J1939 /CANopen /NMEA2000 systems audit & troubleshooting
  • CAN/SAE J1939/ CANopen /NMEA2000 & LIN system design
  • CAN/J1939/CANopen/NMEA2000 & LIN embedded software development
  • CANdb, LDF and specification development
  • T-Script for ECU simulation and logging using Kvaser interfaces
  • CAN bus reverse engineering and benchmarking
Examples of past projects:
  • Intruder ECU detection on truck J1939 system – an investigation of intruder ECUs installed on a truck J1939 system to see the feasibility of being able to detect their existence.
  • Reverse engineering and benchmarking of the CAN bus – reverse engineered the battery management and hybrid control parameters (e.g. State of Health, State of Charge, Voltage, Temperatures) Volvo B5LH and Alexander Dennis Enviro400 hybrid electric passenger buses so that this information can be monitored via telematic loggers.
  • Truck CAN SAE J1939 sensor testing – Using a 5 channel Kvaser Memorator, produced an application using Microsoft’s Visual Studio and C# to test five truck SAE J1939 sensors in parallel for production acceptance testing.
  • Production ECU re-flashing and re-labelling for firmware updates

Benchmarking CAN Systems – Using CAN Signatures

ECU Identification

As part of the benchmarking process of a CAN system, one of the challenges is identifying which ECU is transmitting certain messages.  Warwick Control Technologies can help with this by their innovative clustering of CAN Message Signatures:

The process would be something like:

  1. Purchase the data acquisition equipment from Warwick Control Technologies which can be taken to CAN systems anywhere in the world to collect data.
  2. Data collected from the CAN system is sent to Warwick Control for processing
  3. Warwick Control use the data to produce a CAN Message Signature cluster plot report such as below:


Benchmarking CAN Systems
Benchmarking CAN Systems

See article for more technical information how this works: