NMEA 2000 is a CAN based protocol used in many marine applications.

Warwick Control is an expert in this technology providing the following products and services:

  • X-Analyser – a specialised CAN analysis tool allowing the user to look at CAN data-link, electrical/physical and NMEA2000 layers of communication
  • NMEA2000 Protocol Stack Kit for device manufacturers needing to rapidly develop or adapt
  • Marine NMEA2000 CAN Scope Kit – comprising of X-Analyser, hardware and cables to diagnose CAN/NMEA2000 networks.

We can also support you with the following engineering services:

  • NMEA2000 Product Certification Testing

Warwick Control Technologies can help with your NMEA2000 Product Certification process. This includes:

    • Pre-certification checks to ensure that your device supports the NMEA2000 mandatory services
    • Running tests using the official NMEA2000 test tool
    • Electrical tests to ensure NMEA2000 compliance
    • Liaison with the NMEA for submission of the test results and getting certification
  • NMEA2000 Network Design
  • NMEA2000 Design Audit and Troubleshooting

We can provide tools and engineer services to help troubleshoot problems on your NMEA2000 system. This includes:

    • A deep look at each of the NMEA2000 devices by investigation of the CAN electrical signals, existence of error frames, bus loading and message timing.
    • If the above shows some electrical problem of some kind, we can attach a CAN data logger and configure it to trigger from a CAN error frame and log pre/post trigger collection of CAN messages. This would help capture intermittent problems. We can then examine the logs to see if there is a pattern when a CAN error frame occurs. A normally healthy CAN bus should not really have any error frames.

Please contact sales@warwickcontrol.com for more information.